About us

The United Nations Association of Norway was created in 1946. We aim to increase knowledge of the UN and international affairs in Norway. Our target groups are vast: teachers, students, the press, and the population as a whole. We have around 30 employees all over the country, with offices in the six largest cities.

Our aim is to:

  • Provide timely, fact-based, and reliable information on the UN and the work of the many UN organizations, agencies, funds, and entities
  • Ensure interest in and spark debate around international affairs
  • Increase the understanding of the causes and connections that are found in international politics today
  • Encourage positive attitudes toward solidarity and internationally binding cooperation.

The UNA of Norway hosts seminars and debates on a vast range of topics across the country. We offer lectures to schools and organizations. We also host a dynamic and up-to-date website that keeps women, men, girls and boys abreast and interested in the UN, but also in global current events.

An independent organization

Anne-Cecilie Kaltenborn (of the Norwegian Federation of Service Industries and Retail Trade) is the Chair of the UNA Board, and Catharina Bu is the Secretary-General of UNA Norway.

The organization is run independently, without any political affiliations, and has a wide reach throughout the country – with more than 80 member organizations. Almost 800 schools and kindergartens are currently “UN schools”, which means that they are members of the UNA regional office network.

UNA Norway is mainly financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

UNA Norway is also a member of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA).

Learning resources

UN75 – Shaping our future together

This learning resource related to the UN75 survey are also available in English. In this resource the students and their teachers will be given the opportunity to share with the UN how they envision their future.

Click here to download the learning resource:

UN75- Shaping our future together (pdf)


Sustainable Development Goals

In cooperation with teachers and students, we have developed interdisciplinary learning resources that comprise 15 tasks regarding sustainable development and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Upper secondary school/high school students are the main target audience. These tasks may be used in the following subjects: science, social sciences, geography and native languages (for instance English).

Click here to download the learning resources:

Interdisciplinary Learning Resources about Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (pdf)

SDG logo

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define the world we want. They apply to all countries and is our plan, simply put, to ensure that no one is left behind.

The Sustainable Development Goals are the map of the world we seek: one without poverty, one where the planet is protected, and a world in which everyone prospers – before 2030.

All 17 goals are mutually dependent and are built on the principle of sustainable development.

Goal number 4 is to ensure quality education for all. These learning resources are one of our contributions to achieve target 4.7, which says that all learners should acquire “knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development”.

What is sustainable development?

Human Rights and Sustainable Development

Why is clothing so cheap? – A film about sustainable consumption